Official launch of “Aftermath”

We may be a bit later than planned, but we’re still super excited to release our third track, Aftermath for your consideration. There’s even a killer mashup video of this track with the opening titles of a James Bond movie for you to enjoy on YouTube!

This track has a bit of history to it – it began as an original instrumental composition by Israel Curtis, but found new life when matched with Caroline’s sultry vocals and lyrics. After many months of cooking in the studio with Justin’s help, it turned out to be our favorite track ever – epic, brooding, energetic, and romantic – it feels right at home as a movie soundtrack (or at least we can dream of hearing it while watching Daniel Craig…)

This initial single release will soon be followed with some variations: an instrumental-only mix, an orchestral mix, and even complete stems for anyone and everyone to remix!

First music release of 2012 – “Cold War Kisses”

To celebrate the new year, we’re happy to release our second track, Cold War Kisses to the world (go ahead and tell all your friends in the media that it’s officially the first music release of 2012)

This original piece has actually been performed live by Caroline a few times already in Europe, and now we finally get to share the finished product with our fans! It’s an upbeat track, yet mysterious and haunting – a perfect addition to your secret agent playlist…

First Remix Released

After just 2 weeks to catch our breath from our debut, we’re releasing the first remix of Nemo. We would like to thank Jamie Myerson for his excellent remix, one of the best we’ve ever received. This version takes Nemo straight to the dancefloor, in a techno treatment perfect for the club scene. We’ve heard from so many fans in just these few days who loved the original release – now we hope to reach a whole new scene!

You can preview and download the remix on our tracks page, and visit us on facebook to let us know what you think. Also, we love to hear where our tracks are being played – let us know where you discovered SPYTHRILLER.

For those who might have missed the mention on facebook, here’s a bonus for our fans – a free iPhone ringtone from the intro synth of Nemo. Enjoy!

Official launch and Premiere of “Nemo”

Many of you have been following us on our facebook fan page already, and now we have a new home for us to share new music, videos and information with you! Today we officially open for business, with our first single, “Nemo” ready for download as well as the premiere of our first music video.

We’ll have our music available on iTunes soon, but for now, our most dedicated fans can purchase it directly from us here. If you’re really feeling happy about it, you can even leave something in our tip jar on the right.

As always, make sure to “like us” on facebook and rate/comment the video on Youtube.

Thanks for your support! We’ve got many more songs to come…